2 comments on “Is your Department Receiving Its fair Share of the Tax Money?

  1. I think the problem in at least some counties is that a large % of land is not in any Fire District at all. In addition, some Fire Districts receive neither the base tax nor any incremental tax and are on their own to fund a department. The level of funding from Property Taxes is not uniform throughout the county…

    • You are right Ron, that is one of the biggest problems not having everyone in a fire district. Especially in California when they say there is at least minimal coverage by CalFire, yet their are counties (Plumas & Sierra) that have no CalFire representation. Fire districts who receive neither base or incremental tax really need to start putting their supervisor to work and get that tax representation. The people of these fire districts should be even more upset that none of their property taxes is going to fund their department and they should help push the movement. Funding is not uniform throughout the county and that’s why fire districts have to watch out for their allotted percent of the taxes at the county level. If fire districts don’t receive a share of the property taxes than their is a a loss of incentive for them to annex.

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