3 comments on “Community Emergency Response Team

  1. Hi Harvey, I’m Radny Asst, Chief of Amity Volunteer Fire Brigade here in Bacolod City in the Philippines, In our case CERT is very important because they are our first line of defense in time of big event like fire, flood and typhoon, we involved in the training those people who belongs to civic and religious groups, we also establish school based CERT, we give the training for free as part of our advocacy to spread the emergency aware to the community, and we are still doing it until now.

  2. Nice to meet you Randy! I can only imagine how important CERT teams are for you in Bacolod. How much time does it take and how many people to keep up on the program, teaching awareness and training? You guys stop doing your CERT program?

  3. With all due respect, I would like to gently remind you that there are many, many rescue departments nationwide that remain separate from fire departments, so it might be better to broaden your poll to all public safety agencies. That being said, a CERT program is essential, and can be a support to all local agencies. Yes, CERT Teams are called seldom, but are invaluable when needed. It is always better to have many resources available than to not have enough when the call comes in. Our parent agency, the town’s EMA, is currently renewing its CERT program to assist us and other emergency services agencies when needed. In the past, we have found this to be a valuable tool toward garnering the interest to volunteerism in public safety, and have at times recruited new personnel as a result.

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