3 comments on “Leadership Needed

  1. leader ship in the FD is not enough it takes buyin by the governing body also,be it city council board of directors,or whoever.If there is no support from the community there are problems.It also takes money,guys that work with thier hands all day do not want to spend thier off tine trying to get a 1969 pumper going.

    • You are right. My point is, with solid leadership you build your department from bottom to top. Leadership is what keeps the crew coming in and wanting to work on that 1969 pumper. The more that leadership is displayed to the community and displayed on calls, not only will it attract more members, but it will be heard and spread throughout the community. Which will creat a supportive community backing and more people open to attend fundraisers and donate. With that, you just “bought your governing body” as the word will get to your board or city council. Remember these are the same people who pay their property taxes to provide revenue to your department. This isn’t something that happens overnight, but rather getting the right people, in the right positions, to lead and direct your department.

  2. My decade plus experience with the fire service tells me that leadership is often displayed, for better or worse, internally, but there is lots of value left on the table when FD leaders don’t engage the community and the local governments with effective, articulate communication, be that speaking to chamber of commerce luncheons, addressing council, or seeing out other opportunities to tell the FD story.

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